Business Cards

My business card designs are done! I have one horizontal and one vertical card that needs printing. I've looked at a couple sites that print rounded business cards, which should go well with my design:

Horizontal Standard Business Card

Vertical Standard Business Card w/ Back

Any suggestions to the design or any recommendations for sites to print would be great!

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  1. Hey man, I haven't tried much online printing, so I can't really recommend a site. That being said, I'm really liking the horizontal business card - great energy and color! Out of the two designs, it's definitely much stronger. The vertical comp doesn't quite have the same comfortable feeling. I think this might have to do with semi-clashing themes. What I mean is, the color bar at the bottom looks like it's from an entirely different design than the logo. In addition, the 3D shot is very nice, but I also think that is a bit of a clash to the theme.