Sketchbook & W.I.P page up on the site

I added two new pages on my site! The Work in Progress page and Sketchbook page is there to show more progress and some additional art that aren't sorted in a particular category.


Website Re-layout

The new layout for my site at www.brianmagno.com is up and looking clean! I noticed my previous layout didn't have space for future projects so I decided to go for a vertical arrangement for this new design. I'm hoping to go back to updating this blog as well. I've even decided to change the name and template for this site as well. New content will be added in the upcoming months for both my site and blog once I tweak a few things so keep your eyes peeled!


DREAD Credits

Finalized the credits plate. Thank you so much for making this project awesome!

(Not in poster size)


Project DREAD In Screen Shots

Project DREAD is a survival horror mod for UT3. The game has you try and escape your apartment from man-child eating demons that have ripped your friends and your girlfriend to shreds. As you progress in the game, the environment around you starts to look like Hell itself and the only way out is to face the Shadows themselves. The game has a lot of intense moments, particularly the chase sequence where you are running away from one of the Demons in a narrow apartment hallway and the crumbling stairway, where you're racing up to the top before the floor snags you into its own pit of hell. The overall gameplay is 5-10 minutes and focuses primarily on atmospheric exploration and intense action.

For now, I'm posting up screen shots of our game as I'm in the process of creating a video for it. I will also write up a post-mortem and step-by-step process of what we did and what challenges & issues we faced as we were developing this game. It's got a lot of potential to be something really great!

Opening scene before things literally go to Hell

Your apartment in bloody ruins

Not expecting a friendly encounter

The Hunter's Apartment is your Safety Point as well as your place to pick up a Winchester

It's a race with a crumbling stairwell to see who gets to the top first

Hell is here and the final fight with the Shadow Demon commences

Ignore the HUD as these screen shots were taken pretty quickly, but it gives the basic rundown of what our game is about. Although still rough in polish, this project is still ongoing as we definitely have a lot of ideas that we can expand upon based on our accomplishments and challenges on developing this project.


Project DREAD

As great as I am updating my blog, we're at the stretch of completing our UDK mod this quarter. For now I'm posting the props that I've done for the game. I will put up a project summary in the upcoming week.

Props - Not all of them

Deer Head Diffuse

Small Props Diffuse


3D Anim Production

Rendered out my final for this class. A 20sec short about making cake.

How To Bake A Cake from Brian Magno on Vimeo.


Project Caps

Usually I'd want to post at least 1 entry a couple weeks but I'm sort of lazy. For now here's a quick list of what I'm currently working on:

Animation Production

Valentine's Day Test

Antique Tea Room w/ Assets


Business Cards

My business card designs are done! I have one horizontal and one vertical card that needs printing. I've looked at a couple sites that print rounded business cards, which should go well with my design:

Horizontal Standard Business Card

Vertical Standard Business Card w/ Back

Any suggestions to the design or any recommendations for sites to print would be great!