Test renders and then killing myself.

The lack of updates means that I've been busy finishing up the last of the textures and I've been setting up the lights in the scene. Unfortunately, the computers in Montgomery can't handle my final environment scene and has been crashing Maya repeatedly. Thankfully, the computers that the VSFX students use on the 1st floor are godly and built specifically for Linux, making rendering and production time a whole lot faster. This is the first day I started lighting and so far I'm getting frustrated in how it looks. I want to create a dusk lighting setup but it's pretty tricky getting it right for this scene.

Basically I have three areas of focus that need to be illuminated: The pig-feast, the cooking hut, and the treehouse. So far, the lighting is rather bright and washed out, and some of the areas, like the pig-feast, aren't creating the shadows I wanted. I need rim lighting on some of the objects to make them stand out. Also need to tune down the glows in the leaves.

Test renders of the environment

I think I'll have research more on dusk lighting and try out different lights to use for my setup before I go any further. With a couple days left I'm kinda pressed for time.

I'll upload the texture maps soon!

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