Missing Pages pt. 2

Layout is an important step to my environment. I want the elements to flow within the space. It also helps me create my compositions for the final images.

It's a simple process, I just create thumbnails and arrange the shapes of my structures and general assets, configuring them in space in interesting ways. In the end, I ended up liking #5 and 6. I have a river (shadow area) separating the two lands. The tree house is on top, the feast area and hut on the second bit of land. The feast area is in a circular, flat area and the hut is off to the side. Clumps of trees and bushes surround this area. To me, 5 and 6 have a nice visual flow; it's dense yet not too busy.

Layout Thumbnails #1-6

Also, more quick pig sketches with crowns.

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