Paper Engineering

Over the summer I've been really fascinated with paper. And especially how pop-up books exactly pop up. Paper engineering is actually pretty intriguing for something that seems so mundane, like paper.

I always wondered what a pop-up book environment would look like and function. How will the tiny people living on each page survive after their homes are folded flat and their bodies crushed after every page flip? A town or city would fall flat in a blink of an eye, flames and debris raining upon tiny paper civilians as they experience paper-apocalypticism, but then be restored anew into a blooming utopia.

It was just a thought that came to mind during class, and I felt intrigued to create a pop-up environment for my Studio I project. Then again, I do want to focus in detailed modeling and rendering so that I can get a strong piece into my portfolio.

I'll keep the pop-up book thought in my head. Or on this page.

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