Studio before the Final Pitch Presentations

Finalizing the concept for my project. Instead of basing my environment off of a fairytale, I'm basing it off on an idea or theme with a narrative in mind. I'm always thinking back to creating an environment based of our annual summer parties we always hold in August. Somehow I can twist that around and create an environment that would celebrate Summer, or the Goddess of Harvest in the summer. With that it'll be a lot easier for me to connect with my project in different ways. 

Organizing my powerpoint presentation so that it looks a lot better than my Three Pitches presentation. In any case, I'll need to show an art bible, concepts, style guide, mock-ups, and a schedule. I think I have most of them finished.


Initial rough 3d sketches of my environment. The layout so far has two main buildings: a tree house overlooking the feast in the center and a cooking hut on the side. This isn't to scale yet- as you can see the environment's a very tiny space. I plan to have the space covered in a dome made of vines and overarching trees. I felt that it can create a ceiling of sorts that can help me create some radial compositions.


This is the entire schedule layed out for the next 5-6 weeks. I'll need enough time to get everything textured and lit. Lot's of modules and assets and little details to make!

Studio I Project Schedule

Week 3



Art Bible




Concept Sketches








Week 4



Module Models Finalized




Asset Models Finalized




Primary Structure Models Finalized




Secondary Structure Models Finalized




Week 5



Continue working on models




UV Modules and Assests




Finalize Documents and Blog Check for Midterm




Week 6



Complete models




UV all models




Light scene




Texture models




Week 7



Test Renders




Full Render and Tweaking




Week 8



Project Realization due




Week 9



Fly-through of environment




Beauty Shots




Week 10







Paper Engineering

Over the summer I've been really fascinated with paper. And especially how pop-up books exactly pop up. Paper engineering is actually pretty intriguing for something that seems so mundane, like paper.

I always wondered what a pop-up book environment would look like and function. How will the tiny people living on each page survive after their homes are folded flat and their bodies crushed after every page flip? A town or city would fall flat in a blink of an eye, flames and debris raining upon tiny paper civilians as they experience paper-apocalypticism, but then be restored anew into a blooming utopia.

It was just a thought that came to mind during class, and I felt intrigued to create a pop-up environment for my Studio I project. Then again, I do want to focus in detailed modeling and rendering so that I can get a strong piece into my portfolio.

I'll keep the pop-up book thought in my head. Or on this page.


Balloon-tied Frogs

I've started developing the idea and did a couple concept sketches in my tiny sketchbook. During this process, I always start out loosing, drawing whatever that I feel like should be related to my idea - textures, characters, objects, plants, light, etc. 

After that I do some more and then I start doing iterations on the sketches I did.

So far I have a couple pages of sketches that I can reference from. It also helps me establish a style that I want to work in. 

Beginning the Project

Starting a project from a concept or theme is daunting for me. I don't know where to start most of the time, plus with the 8-week time constraint on our project, research literally needs to pour out of every orifice so I can get a solid idea down before the finals pitch presentation. I've been reading Anderson's Fairy Tales for inspiration and there are stories that do peak my interests for my environment. The Garden of Paradise and Little Ada's Flowers have imagery that show off natural landscapes and dense forests. I also need to start sketching out the style for my concept so I can get an idea of what assets I need to model.

Posting in Moderation

It looks like I don't have anything up yet, I apologize. All of my entries are saved as drafts for right now, but I'll be posting everything I have so far in just a few hours.

Studio I Presentations pt. 2

Today finished off the rest of the presentations and now that everyone has decided on what to do for their project I do see a diverse group of character, concept, environment artists as well as game, level, and narrative designers in our class. I know the work that I presented last Thursday wasn't up-to-date, and were more like sophomore and freshman exercises that were still saved on my computer. I rarely touched modeling during my Junior year as it was all animation and concept classes, so I'm going to have to really push myself into developing my idea and skills in this class. Started making a schedule so that I can start building my idea as soon as possible.