Rashad Redic - Fallout 3 Artist

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Here's an article from CGScoiety featuring one of the environment artists from Bethesda who worked on Fallout 3. Rashad Redic talks about his experience working in a small production company such as Bethesda and about the Fallout 3 project. Rashad explains that every asset in the game is modeled and placed in the game by hand, nothing is procedurally generated. The team makes sure everything in the design process is carefully following the color palette and art style of the game. It's a nice inside look at art workflow within the industry and how artists like Rashad have to work with contraints and problem-solve their way to meet expectations.


Abandoned Villa

So here's a piece done by Claudio Tolomei which I figured would be nice to share. 3d production in Maya, imported into the Unreal Engine and then transferred this composition into Photoshop to do post. It's a straightforward process, but the results are simply amazing. This is exactly what students whose portfolios are environment-focused, like me, should have along with their fly-throughs and whatnot. It's a strong addition to a demo reel because it shows that you've got knowledge in fundamentals of art- composing a shot, lighting, color, mood, perspective, etc. 

You can click on the link to check out the thread on CGSociety. As for me, I'll be preparing the next couple of projects.


Posting Pages in Quantity

Posting more images and details about my project. Later on, I'm going to compile everything into a nice and neat little pdf and tga file of everything.

Model Sheets


Icons for something

I will upload a quick turntable soon! Once Vimeo gets it converted. I'm also using this blog for the other environments and assets I'm working on over the break.

*Update* 10/19/09 @ 6:13

If you want to see the structures spin really fast in 20 or so seconds, here you go. I'll update the turntable and add a fly-through of the entire environment with music later.

In Full Color

So here are the final renders and a little bit of post-processing- mental ray and GI and the lighting is close to what I wanted. The mood and atmosphere is pretty festive, the style is slightly changed. I'm happy how this project turn out in the end, however I still have a lot of tweaking to do before it becomes a portfolio piece. I will post texture maps and detail shots when I have the chance, but for right now, I just need a rest.

The Final Renders



Example diffuse maps

Example textures for some of the pieces in my scene. Some of the maps are messy because I was experimenting with a lot of custom brushes, especially with swirls and curves. I wanted to keep the colors in the scene vibrant but not where everything is highlighter yellow and green, but festive colors. I always enjoy working with a vibrant color palette not because it makes me hungry all the time, but because I can connect with my work a lot more, make it more personal. Rather than making a grey wall, I'll always add some burnt umber grime or olive green moss with a bit of goldenrod highlights to make that grey wall look interesting. 

Test renders and then killing myself.

The lack of updates means that I've been busy finishing up the last of the textures and I've been setting up the lights in the scene. Unfortunately, the computers in Montgomery can't handle my final environment scene and has been crashing Maya repeatedly. Thankfully, the computers that the VSFX students use on the 1st floor are godly and built specifically for Linux, making rendering and production time a whole lot faster. This is the first day I started lighting and so far I'm getting frustrated in how it looks. I want to create a dusk lighting setup but it's pretty tricky getting it right for this scene.

Basically I have three areas of focus that need to be illuminated: The pig-feast, the cooking hut, and the treehouse. So far, the lighting is rather bright and washed out, and some of the areas, like the pig-feast, aren't creating the shadows I wanted. I need rim lighting on some of the objects to make them stand out. Also need to tune down the glows in the leaves.

Test renders of the environment

I think I'll have research more on dusk lighting and try out different lights to use for my setup before I go any further. With a couple days left I'm kinda pressed for time.

I'll upload the texture maps soon!



I started adding and laying out the detail this weekend. Texturing soon!


Tree Hugging

I played around with paint effects today and it ended up being really useful to create branches and trees as well as leaf foliage fairly quickly. I'm currently tweaking the settings and parameters in paint effects for vines and trying to reduce the amount of polys in the trees. 

Trees and branches that need to be trimmed more.

I completed uving the structures, but haven't textured like I said I would, since my other project is keeping me busy. The schedule still stands for texturing, lighting and rendering this week and I'm slightly behind. I'll need to layout everything as soon as possible so that I can start coloring my environment.



Continuing to create elevations based off the overhead sketch. I think I need to scale down the land just a little bit, I'm not creating a large environment.

It's pretty barren so far, but once I have the vegetation, trees and flora created, the environment will entirely be populated with it. 


Currently uving the models I have so far. It's a slow process but I expect to finish UV's by the end of today. I'll leave texturing and hopefully test renders to Sunday.


Watching Dr. Who always keep me company in UV monotony.


Missing Pages pt. 2

Layout is an important step to my environment. I want the elements to flow within the space. It also helps me create my compositions for the final images.

It's a simple process, I just create thumbnails and arrange the shapes of my structures and general assets, configuring them in space in interesting ways. In the end, I ended up liking #5 and 6. I have a river (shadow area) separating the two lands. The tree house is on top, the feast area and hut on the second bit of land. The feast area is in a circular, flat area and the hut is off to the side. Clumps of trees and bushes surround this area. To me, 5 and 6 have a nice visual flow; it's dense yet not too busy.

Layout Thumbnails #1-6

Also, more quick pig sketches with crowns.

Missing Pages pt. 1

Here are more designs of the structures I wanted in the environment. I'm posting this late, since I forgot to scan them in.

Designs for the canopy tent, hut, concept of tree house/main house

More designs for the tree house and hut.

The models for both the tree house and the hut don't have any detail on their roofs. I plan to populate the roof with branches and leaves. Both structures will have a bushy head on them. Same with the canopy tent.

The Land

Began sculpting the land and laying out the main elements. I'm still in dire need of trees and vegetation and small detail, but the rest is finished. Once layout is finished, I'll hopefully have a couple days of UV and texturing as noted on my schedule. The environment is slightly bigger than the one shown in the mock-ups. The environment is split by a small river, and there will be a bridge connecting the two lands.


Little Swine

The pig is done (just needs a swirly tail). All it needs now is to have a stick shoved up him, and placed on a hot, sweltering fire spit. This pig is a gift of the people in celebration of Summer Harvest. If it's going to be any pig, it needs to be the king of all pigs- a gift fit for the Gods, or Goddesses in this case. Once I have the layout of everything, I'll probably go back to tweak the design of the pig/boar a bit more to make it look more of the swine of royality.



Ok, so far the structures are almost done. I just need to add a couple little details like support beams for the tree boat house. Originally, I had the tree house look like a generic-looking house you'd find in a child's backyard. I didn't know which drawing I wanted my cooking hut to be based on, but after combining different elements from all of them, I'm pretty pleased with this one. The style for these structures are a mix between oriental and tribal/native- there's a lot of angular, sharp elements, combined with solid, linear components such as the wooden beams and piers.

*Update* 10/21/09 8:01 PM

Added more screenshots. Now with occlusion.


Most of my assets are done- fruit, barrels, tables, plates, pans, pots, and such. What I haven't done are the different plants and trees that will smother my environment. I feel those should be worked on once I have the main components done and layed out on the land. I'm currently finishing the structures as of now. The roast pig is still wip!