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Tokaido, published by Fun Forge, designed by Antoine Bauza - This game sets players travelling on the East Sea Road, taking in the scenic landmarks, buying souvenirs, and other tourist-y things travelers do. The goal is to not to get to the finish line first, but rather, who can have the most fulfilling, most enriching experience on their walk through Tokaido. This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing games in my collection, in which its beauty reflects the zen-like experience when you play the actual game.  

This game is also known for the amount of air it has in ratio to game components in the box. You can learn to play the game or view more information here: BGG | Learn to Play


This initially started as having a lot of time on my hands and making new cover for my Facebook profile, but I ended up making unofficial ads for my new Zelda LE 3DS XL. On another note, the new Zelda game is fun all around!


Personal Project: The Conductor's Basement - UDK, Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush

I don't know what it is about me and interior spaces. It's really fun to design a small and interesting space with gizmos and gadgets of the sorts. This project was something that I wanted to do for awhile, but never had the moment to do so. The Conductor's Basement is sort of a stage dressed up for the character to act in, filled with tools and items that reflected the person or thing that owned this space.

Conductor's Desk Model Sheet

More about this project can be found on my website: www.brianmagno.com


Conductor's Basement (Rough)

A quick shot of my next project. I'm getting there. Rough layout and rendered in UDK, some meshes not imported yet. Still running into issues such as UDK not importing smoothing group information correctly, inverted normals, and material setups. Will fix in due time, hopefully. I will post individual assets soon!